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It’s Not The Mask You’re Wearing
It’s What’s Underneath That Matters
It’s Time To Free Yourself...
No more struggling,
or constant self-criticism 

You might be like Sara who constantly beats herself up...

“People say I think too much. I go over and over things in my head! It’s exhausting!

Or maybe you’re like Steven

“I find myself totally drained at the end of the day.
 I don’t seem to cope as well as everyone else. It’s a real effort”

How about Janet

“I use food to comfort, and soothe myself. I can’t stop eating. I’m so frustrated with myself”

Do you feel like Clare?

“I’m so worried that I’ll be alone forever!"

I support people from around the world through feeling anxious, frustrated, ashamed or unloved. I’m a licensed therapist and qualified coach, working with compassion, experience, knowledge, and a touch of humour.
I specialise in group programmes for change.

Who is Shelley Treacher?

Shelley Treacher is BACP accredited, with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Counselling Psychology from CIIS. She is a qualified ‘Understand your Eating’ practitioner (Julia Buckroyd Emeritus Professor), and a certified coach in the ‘Calling in the ‘One’ process (with Katherine Woodward Thomas, NY Times Bestseller).

Shelley produces the ‘Underground Confidence’ Podcast, and has recently been featured in UK Metro Podcast ‘Mentally Yours,’ on the subject of Covid-19 anxiety.

She is also often quoted as an expert in the media. (The Independent, Huffington Post, Metro UK, Yahoo Finance, Vocal India), and her contributions have been featured in ‘Better After 50’, and ‘The Counselling Directory.’

She supports people in groups around the world through carving out confidence, overcoming comfort eating, and in finding engaged love.

Contact Shelley Treacher

T: 0117 9830484
M: 07702 188676

As Seen on

Underground Confidence Podcast

Shelley Treacher, BACP Accredited Psychotherapist, talks about being human and emotional. Shelley helps you to understand the stress or feelings that make you reach for comfort (be that food, love, or other compulsions). This podcast is about ditching the bad habits, and finding your own inner strength; your 'underground' confidence.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Overanalyse things?
  • Feel anxious about making decisions?
  • Pre-plan conversations with people in an effort to protect yourself, or be prepared?
  • Eat mindlessly, consume food without even realising it?
  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • ​Struggle to speak your mind?
  • Feel like a suppressed version of yourself?

My years of experience working with people from all over the world, has made me passionate about the results in my Workshops. It’s here that I see the wonderful growth that excites me about my work.

If you can identify with these, it’s time to start learning how to recognise and respond to what you need. My programmes can help!

My clients love the freedom of attending our Virtual Support Groups 

  • ​Gives you access to specialist resources that you wouldn’t have in person.
  • Saves you travel time.
  • You get the extra comfort and security of your environment.

I work with people struggling with confidence, insecurity and loneliness…

  • Always trying to earn their keep. 
  • Struggling to prove or find their worth.
  • This can make work, home or a social life exhausting.

Our programme moves you towards a more hopeful outcome!

  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Finally able to ask for what you need.
  • ​​Making decisions easily and with comfort.
  • ​Navigating through life without fear and judgement.
  • Enjoying feeling clear and stable.

How To Stop Comfort Eating 6-Week workshop

How To Recognise the Habit of Emotion Stuffing!

  • What emotional eating, is and how to recognise it
  • How your eating is caused by emotions
  • Understanding the emotion behind your eating

How To Self-Regulate Easily Without Food

  • Disrupt Habits And Autopilot
  • ​Find your internal self-regulator 
  • Learn self-soothing techniques
  • Reduce stress
  • ​Bear discomfort without it being a big deal!

How To Crack Your History Code!

  • Uncover how your history affects you 
  • Understand how your relationship with your primary caregivers may have caused your overeating
  • ​Become aware of your personal belief system
  • ​Understand influences on your self-confidence
  • ​Learn how to heal from adverse childhood affects

How To Manage Emotions So They Don’t Eat You Up!

  • Learn to manage worry, upset, shame, or frustration differently
  • Get to know what it is that you really want and need
  • Learn to rely on yourself instead of relying on food to make you feel better

Here's What People Are Saying!

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"Thank you Shelley! I have found the ‘Understand your Eating’ program enlightening and empowering, as it gave me tools to deal with the problem."
- Clare

"The Understanding your Eating Program has helped my confidence, made me feel more powerful. I enjoyed the community spirit of the group and the strength I felt in working with strong women. I really enjoyed the final session about celebrating the positives in life, that is something which resonated for me."
- Janet

"Working with Shelley on my various issues, has been truly one of the most profound experiences of my life. It’s up there with my Mum first teaching me to write my name as a small child. My inner child will be forever grateful to you for helping me to connect with him, and to gain the understanding to use equally important tools as my mum’s earliest lesson, to enrich and expand my life."
- Ruari

"Shelley brought together a group of strangers who became genuinely close companions during our sessions.
 I was reminded of how powerful women can be when they work together – sisters can conquer anything!"
- Janet

"I needed to process several years of traumatic experiences and I needed to regain some strength in myself… Your approach really helped me, I find you really warm and supportive and also really smart and insightful."
- Ali

"This course has enabled me to take control of my eating and treat myself with care. I am enjoying the success of learning how not to overeat, and the freedom this is bringing me. Shelley led the group with understanding, humor and compassion, and is a lovely, warm person, who I felt I could trust."
- Helen